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October 6, 2012


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Do you want a feature 21... finished

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 6, 2012, 9:05 AM

Feature time

And the feature time is finished... I told that I'll feature first 80 deviants who post their or works by their friends under this journal. Well, I got many comments...again :D So, I decided to feature first 109 deviations here (if I wrote you that you have been featured, but you can't find yourself here, then please tell me. When I copied thumbs, then comments moved backward, so it's possible that I missed few thumbs here ^^;). Hahaha...:squee: I think that this is the biggest number of thumbs which I posted here :la: Enjoy :hug:

You can also :+fav: fav this journal, so these artist will get more exposure and views... spread the love :love: Thank you :heart:

Dragon Strawberry by Nachiii OC - Sakura by Alenas
:thumb330950501: :thumb330269006: june by corviday Guardians by kinixuki
Digital Wood Nymph by Dark-Edyn
Genetics by Lunar-Graphite Lurking in the Dark -ToTW- by dogganothlit White Raven by ameoname
:thumb321683566: :thumb329002012:
Graveyard Will-O-Wisp by DILAGO Summer Night Dream by Hoshikama534
Rainantien by minogame Dragon attack by Azzedar-san TG: DANCE OO-OH by ZiaLiaLis
Armored Zeke concept by defenestratin Embers by ink-wing-art Kain AU by YumeNouveau
Style Practice Olan by Deer-Head War of the Worlds by ManiacSquirrel72 Porcelain Maiden by Alberloze
Margaret by valiryn :thumb326733757: A change of pace by scott-mao
COM : Twilight Sparkle by amazonitte Heartbreak by Quilde Draenei by ElMarten
naruto_jiratsu by yuipo Aeacus, The Angel of Death [black and white] by Kasuto-Productions Le ballerina by Kamafada5
pencils: oc tori by UchenduArt Some Friendships Never Fade by PennaAter :thumb312858695:
Reflection by IISky Imagine by d1sasterp1ece9 Avatar State by Tishawish
The Lady of the Forest Waters by SamTheDragonGirl Goldscale by Liieszz Porcelain by Julia-Aurora
Living In A Dream by sachiko2189 inu yasha colored :) by xong Wish -Contest- by Isho13
Cod Krone by SIRLIA :thumb330290960: Flying around the world - DBZ by MisterSev7n
Sailor Mars by VargasNi Sweet Dove Bunny Minster by Shiranova ~Journey of Death~ by DaemoniumNocturnal
Taste of Blood by Toxic-Containment Oriental Ellie by tshuki Welcome to our shop ~Shiam~ by Tenten9622
Once upon a time.. by xXjannatXx Meow by InuyashasRealWife Miku - Magic Hat by lNeliel
Bleach: Bearers of the Key animated by wabi777 Ink by John-Boyer
The Transformation by elotta Happiness by Fuwafuwa-Kuma
Link preview by Nesgodraa Kiru ga suki by seventhsong
boom headshot by DemonDragon-chan Mischievous by chip101010
Maplestory: Phantom by noctnoku Place B0 Chibis by AshtrayHeart89
Vintage cookie by lintu47 In constant wait... by fadeddreamss
Cinderswept by DemonsEatTheRainbow Drummer Jack Attack Animations by anime-halo
No.6 - Shion and Nezumi by ChiccaNeko SeeU by Eclipsing
O89 Escaping Reality by projectTiGER Call me but love by phobialia
Wizard of water by ArisT0te :thumb328227283:
explosion of colours! by irremedios Circus by Calamity9
Violin by AthenaTT Time to cut the...uh...cake? by Xedramon
Memories of Today by AyumiNazu T-rex portrait by Twarda8
Role Reversal by axeheads The Haunted School by YorukoChikokoro
Capukat's Contest Entry by FlyawayHeart :thumb284986589:
naked snake by Krasharkk Just Like Tears by AlexPhotoshop
Sneak Peek-Soyocaze in Wind by 4pplemoon An Angel... by IdiotTwins
:thumb330496802: For Someone Special . by WINGEDLESS
Tangled Webs by ElindielForestStar :thumb330826557:
mikan by Coffee-Kiyo sweet cherry pie by mad-jove
Ciel by Rawryn Magi: Alibaba x Morgiana by neko-niki
Animated Ahri-LoL by MysticSteph Snowy Swag by BrightObject
VolSa: K. G. Ambrose by JourneiTake care of softness by Insolentia
HBD thingy by DonguriArt

Yeah... another free journal skin for you (note: only premium members can use journal skins). I did another collaboration with awesome weida34 (I did design and she did coding... again). Well, new skin is this which I use right now... MetalliC_V2 (you can click here to install it). Our other collaborations were Sketchbook and Nature

Phew...these days I'm not on dA so much. Just few minutes...or I don't come at all :| Well our college has started and I can't be here so much anymore. and I draw whole days for others, so that's another reason ^^; But don't worry, I'll still be here. So, I'm making feature now :la:

Paint my OC contest extended

And our contest Paint my OC has been extended. So the deadline is not anymore 23 September... the new deadline is 21 October, so now you'll have enough time to finish your entries (eh, I still need to fix the date on my button below :dummy:). Good luck :hug:

Our contest Paint my OC has started. At the end we'll select 6 winners (twice 1st, 2nd and 3rd place) and they'll get more than 10.000 :points: and ton of other prizes. Just click on the button above to see all the rules and other stuff.

Official website

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