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Submitted on
January 8, 2011



Deleted drawings from my gallery...DD suggestions

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 8, 2011, 7:59 AM

Deleted drawings...
beautiful  Hi-tech by WiredHumanbeautiful Hi-tech by WiredHuman Suggester says: "Artist's title "beautiful Hi-tech" says everything. WOW." (Suggested by tincek-marincek and Featured by MacRebisz)
:bulletgreen: OK...few days ago I had 106 deviations in gallery and now I have 90. Don't worry, they didn't disappear. I deleted them, because I didn't want to look them in my gallery any more. At first, I didn't submitted them. This done my dad, when we were at school. And second, some of them didn't have faves at all. So why I would have some drawings in my gallery, which I hate and they don't have faves?! That's why...and some of them I added in scrapbook, because they are OK, but not appropriate for gallery. I hope that's not a problem...:D

:bulletgreen: What big fail happened 2 days ago. My dad installed program for hard disc recovery and he started recovery. And he told that program recognizes all capacity of disc. We was like...WHAT?! Because before it didn't recognize nothing. Later, when program started recovery, he told us..."Ah, this isn't or old destroyed disc. This is the other, the same, new disc." Then I wanted to hit my head in the table. I was so happy that it finally started disc recovery and that I would get my drawings back and then he told that this isn't the correct disc. Fail. :|
Big City in the sky by FalarsimonsBig City in the sky by Falarsimons Suggester says: "This drawing is so unbelievably good that you'll stare at it for hours. Awesome." (Suggested by tincek-marincek and Featured by MacRebisz)

:bulletgreen: I'm going insane because of that, and even dentists are so expensive here. At Monday my sister had dentist and she told her that she'll have to pay a little, because they are using expensive machines (she was at them only 2 times for 10 minutes). And when she fixed her tooth, she told her that she'll have to pay 160€. I was in car, with my dad...and when she came to us and she ask if we have some money, we couldn't believe that this will be that expensive. That day we went like million times on cash machine...and she paid 10€ more, because she had to go to scan her tooth. It's unbelievable how the dentists and doctors make money on sick people. :(

:bulletgreen: And here are another accepted DD suggestions by was featured yesterday and other one was featured a while ago (DD's you can see in the floating boxes above). Anyway...enjoy. Who selects the Daily Deviation and how is it chosen? | What is a Daily Deviation? | Currently accepted: 29 | Here you can see our all accepted DD suggestions

Geoffroy and Eden by omupiedHoliday Break by k04sknourish by lorlandchain
Big steam by Waldemar-KazakDisruption of Peace by Adrian-WBirds of War by ArtMagix
Relaxed by RaBBiTKaGrasp by ViviphydThe Gobling King by artofjokinen

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Nature by by tincek-marincek
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And here it comes free journal skin made by me (graphic&design) and by weida34 (coding). It's ours contribution to this year's CSS Calendar Project run by ginkgografix you should check it out: there's a new design every day - starting with dec 1st - all the way to xmas day.

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Whoa, congrats to another accepted suggestion!

By the way, if you ever suggest one from the #High-Class-Art gallery tell me so I can include it in our suggetion list in the admin area. This month I started suggesting again, and It'd be great to have some company:) Also you're welcome to invite what you think is DD-worthy art into our gallery :eager:

But I'm a little sad you deleted all those deviations:/ You create so much perfection that some old or unfinished art can be kind of refreshing or encouraging to others... but of course I'd understand if you hate them so much.

Dentists are really greedy. Mine takes 100 Euro every year just for that special cleaning he does. Well, actually he doesn't even do it himself, but the ladies who help him and it's finished after 10 minutes:/
tincek-marincek Jan 10, 2011  Student General Artist
Thanks...sure. Today I suggested this drawing, because it's seriously
stunning. I found it in the featured folder, so why not give it a chance.
I can try to invite some DD's which I suggested. :D

These were really old drawings, which were drawn for school. But mostly
I deleted photomanipulations and photos. Other drawings I add in
scrapbook so they are still here.

Ah...dentists are like thieves, only that this is a job ;P
Great! I'll add it to the January suggestion page of the group (you'll find it in the Admin Area).

Haha, yes, dentists are not only thieves, they are dangerous robbers! In face of their horrible weapons noone has the power to refuse handing over the money. :fear:
tincek-marincek Jan 13, 2011  Student General Artist
Hahaha...yeah. Hmm...I have one question. How can I send an invitation to
one work, so it can be in gallery too?! Because I know how to send invitation
to members, but I never send invitations for I just have to
submit it or something else...:D
I think you have found it:) It's the link below the list of groups on the deviation page.
tincek-marincek Jan 13, 2011  Student General Artist
Hmm...I tried to submit deviation, like I do when I submit it to the group. But
it's on's not like when you have to wait approval by the artist.
Sorry, because I'm so silly. I would need glasses :lmao: :D
Yeah, that's right. We do it like that in our group.
First we vote and if it is accepted it will be sent to the artist automatically:) I only change my settings sometimes to invite works directly that expired but had more yes than no.
tincek-marincek Jan 16, 2011  Student General Artist
Aha...I see. OK then...I thought that I did something wrong. Thanks :aww:
JECBrush Jan 9, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
As much as I like all of your work, you're still the master of your gallery, so anything goes as you say.

Btw, dentists are expensive! They want your money! :shakefist:
tincek-marincek Jan 10, 2011  Student General Artist
Aww...thanks. And yeap...they want our MONEY :la:
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