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We're's bday week again

Thu Sep 25, 2014, 8:40 AM


It's our bday each year, lol. Now we're 22. I must say I definitely feel one year older lol. Thank you soooo much to all your wishes. Just give me few minutes to reply on them, hahaha. And we wish bday to our mom also, which she have tomorrow!!! Also to our uncle who have bday one day after our mom...and to our other uncle who have bday after first uncle, lol. HAPPY BDAY TO EVERYONE!!!

And each year I make something special for our bday, so this year I'm posting wallpaper pack which I promised to upload a while ago. It's not Noctis this year, sorry...haha. Enjoy these wallpapers. Click on image below if you want to download them.

Wallpaper Pack by tincek-marincek
Wallpaper Pack


And I want to thank to every single person who voted for my drawings for AC contest. Thank you so're the best. You can check their works in the feature here.  If you want you can vote for designs. For Ignite Revolution you can vote here and for Arno Dorian you can vote here. Thank you.

Man, I posted so many stuff this month that I feel like spamming, lol. And sorry to everyone who tried to enter on our official site...well, it's not working these days, so we try to solve that problem. I hope it'll be fixed soon. And I posted some cool drawings in the feature. Enjoy.

Ignite Revolution by tincek-marincek
Ignite Revolution

Arno Dorian by tincek-marincek
Arno Dorian

Tam Lin (traditional media) by wylielise
 Adv1280 by crow-god
Fly to the future by zippo514
We aren't meant to be together by B03DI
Twins by aStripedUnicorn
gangroad by KilartDev
Lord of the Dragons by Grafit-art
God shell by MoonlightYUE
Digital ink by Za-Akranoia
 Adv by zinnaDu

Coding by SimplySilent

Assassin's Creed design...please help

Sat Sep 20, 2014, 9:30 AM


Aww...I hope I don't annoy you or anything. Well, recently I posted a t-shirt design for new Assassin's Creed Unity contest and now it's available for voting... I would reeeeeeeeeeeeeally appreciate if you would take some time to vote for my design here (it's from my drawing it's long in this journal, haha). Because I want to show my appreciation I'll feature you in this journal...just tell me here, or under my drawing if you voted so I'll know to feature you. Thank you again. There will also be my other drawing Arno Dorian in the contest a little later, so if you would like to, you can vote for it too. Again... you can vote for the design here. You can also tell your friends, share this...or anything. Any help is very appreciated. Thank you.

EDIT: Thank you so much for everyone who voted for my first design. You're the best... now the second design from my Arno Dorian drawing is also available for voting, so you can vote for it here if you want. Thank you.

Ignite Revolution by tincek-marincek
Ignite Revolution

Arno Dorian by tincek-marincek
Arno Dorian

Lindsey Stirling - Tour Poster PLEASE VOTE by Eeren
2015 - Zelda Wii U by Kirarinku
Station of Serenity by HerOnceWhiteWings
AHI-MSN-42WE Origin Concept by AMO17
03.24.2014 painting (I'M BACK!) by EnvisArts
Vindemiatrix by RebeccaWeaver
Suvira ~ A Private Lesson by RemEver
Zer0 by Louha-chan
Glass {request} by LeslieREVOLUTION
Prologue: Prelude to a Nightmare by RunicBirdsong
Sometimes people are beautiful... by TheJoanaPADJ
Athalyse by MalKnox
Kaito by 0utsid3r
Color Versus: RED by Vyndicare
Hello, friend...Hey you.
Yeah, you.
I have something to tell you and it's really important. I mean...I don't want to force you to read it or anything would...would be nice if you would hear what I have to say. It's not going to be long, I promise. I just would like to say something and hope you listen.
I've been with you since you were very little. I guess about five or maybe six.
You used to play with me. You would bring your toys and set them on the floor and we would play together. It was cute because you had the most adorable giggle ever. And when you would smile, your cheeks would puff out like you had marshmallows in your mouth and it was just oh-so cute.
I used to lay beside you and hum you to sleep, or cuddle up in the blankets with you when you were scared of the monster in your closet. I always told you not to worry. Monster is only there to make sure your toys and clothes are safe.  I said he was like a big old guard dog.
You're mother and father thought it was adorable that y

Chris Hemsworth by KerovinBlack
Teru Teru Freeb by Saiiza
Magi by DarwinsMishap
'Untitled' by IzzyMarrie
Mirajane Strauss (Sitri) by TunDr4
Shingeki No Kyojin OC: Sofia Wynd by XecroZero
Waiting by the Fireplace by SirSilverwind
Espoir et Odyssee by Renael
Fate- Attack on Titan/Shingeki no kyojin by To-Ka-Ro
Blue glass. by Moriatey
Ancient by d-oppelganger
Bang Bang by Kildosad-Malik
When the last petal falls... by xBluepearlx
Sing you to SleepSing you to Sleep
By Stephen Funk
We sit outside,
next to a tree,
listening to the rustling of the wind.
You're in my arms,
resting so sweetly as you do.
I slowly begin to hum,
a tune that you love so well.
You snuggle yourself closer,
feeling secure and safe.
I hold you tighter and hum a little softer.
I feel your breathing get a little slower.
You slowly start to drift,
and I lightly kiss you on the lips.
I lean my head back,
resting it against the tree.
I slowly start to drift as well.
My humming slowly begins to fade.
As I fall asleep,
I whisper,
"I love you."

67. Transformation by MelanieWolfrin
Dances With Vampires... by lilachiccups
Salute by AStein35
Sleepless night~ by MirajaneGosh
IchiBun- Gaia Avi Art by Ainieve
Four Masters at Rest (song link in description) by Beth-Z
Even tears become snow by defineDEAD
AnxietyBurning, his eyes
With tears filled with anguish,
Regret, and demise,
And ineffable origin.
Pain and depression,
With no reason or explanation,
A parasite without a past,
A disease without a cure.
Dangerous, destructive,
Without care or attention,
The one with no illness.
Nothing is wrong,
With the life of a child.
He's too young to have faults,
Too young to be scarred.
So alone he's left,
With no cure or remedy,
No satisfaction,
Or humored lies.
His body is clean,
But his mind a mess,
He looks like an angel,
But his inside is rotten dead.
He cuts his wrists,
Hoping for relief,
But reaps nothing but pain,
And an unattractive arm.
He wants the pain though,
Something to release
His inner turmoil
Thoughts and depression.
Maybe, he thought,
The thoughts will flow away,
Just like the blood
Flowing from my wrists.

Stretch by scoobiesnax
Rick Genest drawing by Celia5017
Legolas by Olaer
Barricade and Bumblebee (blumarine) by EpikalStorms
Summer Night by xLetsPretend
After rain by NicoleEirin
Ann-Kathrine#2 by VictoriaSaviles
Snowdust by Anny-Sunny
Suicide of Humanity by neophobica
18092014 by Nefaire
Fanart - Hellsing by MsLilly
Amaterasu by IceValaxy
Angel by NecromancerYsuran
Goddess Poseidon by TehAngelsCry
Portland Head Lighthouse by Nightsevera
Garrett the Master Thief Wallpaper by Dakrynisol
Tiger #2 by Arejka
ao no exorcist colour by Clarek97
I Want To Believe by SilverSkittle
Syaoran's so sexy by AiKoNaishinno
Kaneki by Aoi-Kaen
Saving Superheros Fashion Fever entry Oct 5th by mzclark
Evangelion by NikoiNika
Zodiac of Pinky Virgo by AlvinAD
[ swag selfie ] by CommanderHomo
Let's fight by Azzedar-san
Forest Creature by Floocya
Icky by Paraspriteful
Eren Jaeger by Roksiel
Hungary by SimplySilent
Collab... art trade?: Zenon and Orzs by SKoomah
Jaydon cliche Woods by RoosXemoo
Deer's Spirit [Final] by Mieeyy
Breath by Art-Eli
Watercolor Bird by TheGirl-WhoCouldDraw

Coding by SimplySilent

Photoshop tutorial- PS basics 4

Mon Sep 15, 2014, 8:16 AM


I'm back with my journal tutorials for Photoshop. I didn't post any new journal tutorial in a while. Anyway, my previous tutorial you can check here. I'll describe some Photoshop basics for everyone who try to learn to use Photoshop. So in this article you'll find tutorials: Tilt-Shift, Customizing brush 2, Lens Flare, Mask Tool,.

If you wish to see images in full resolution then simply click on the images below (they are big 1920 x 1080 px). I used Photoshop CC here, so some things may be different in lower PS versions. But most of things may be the same in all PS versions. I'll make even more tutorials like this, so stay tuned. And if you like it, then you can fav this article. Thank you and enjoy. I hope it's helpful. More tutorials by me you can see in feature below.

Tilt-Shift 1 by tincek-marincek
Tilt-Shift 1

Tilt-Shift 2 by tincek-marincek
Tilt-Shift 2

Tilt-Shift 3 by tincek-marincek
Tilt-Shift 3

Tilt-Shift 4 by tincek-marincek
Tilt-Shift 4

Tilt-Shift logo by tincek-marincek
Tilt-Shift logo


Above you can see small introduction into Blur Gallery in new Photoshop CC. Photoshop CS6 also have few blur options as new CC, but in CC there are even more blur effects... and of course options. Tilt-Shift option you can find in CC and CS6...and I'll explain it in this tutorial.

I decided to show Tilt-Shift blur using my logo... I really like this blur because it imitates camera "focus" (like in macro photography) pretty well. I use it when I need to make focus differences like in this example above or in my drawings. On Image 1 I added my logo on new layer. So it was separated from grey background. I went to Filter/ Blur Gallery/ Tilt-Shift for this blur (in CS6 you probably have this blur under Blur menu).

When the Blur menu will show then you'll see it like on Image 2. You can move and rotate the blur lines... on Image 3 I described that process. In the middle you can see small circle. If you move line in the circle left or right you will change Blur radius/ strength. Un-blurred part will be to the first line (full line...not striped line). From the full to the striped line you'll have fading part. From the 0% of blur and to the blur % which you set. You can move and rotate it under angles/ length which you wish. Below striped part you'll have fully blurred image.

And when I applied blur effect to the logo I usually edit it a bit, so that it would look like it was photographed on a flat surface. I add dark gradients with Gradient tool and I use Multiply layer mode. Lighter parts I add with white color on Overlay layer mode. For the end I add a little bit of noise (under Filter/ Noise/ Add Noise...). You can see that on Image 4. The end result you can see on Image 5.

Customizing brush by tincek-marincek
Customizing brush


And here is another part of brush customization. First part you were able to read in my previous tutorial here. On the first part on the image above you can edit you brush Scattering. That comes pretty useful if you try to make a brush for the stars, leaves, textures...and so on. So your brush will be scattered across your canvas. You can also edit Scatter Count if you wish to have more density.

On the second part on the image you can edit Texture. You can add texture on your brush if you can edit textures when you click on Image at the top of the tool. You can also import your own texture.

And on the last part of the image you can add Dual brush. For example...when you edit your own brush add all effects which you wanted and then if you want shape, texture...or something can add second brush. So your brush will be combined with other one.

50-300mm Zoom by tincek-marincek
50-300mm Zoom

35mm Prime by tincek-marincek
35mm Prime

105mm Prime by tincek-marincek
105mm Prime

Movie Prime by tincek-marincek
Movie Prime

Path To The Horizon by tincek-marincek
Path To The Horizon


I add Lens Flare Effect on my drawings a lot. Usually when there's strong light...and on landscapes. I used one of my drawings above so I demonstrated that effect. Go to Filter/ Render/ Lens Flare... There you'll see 4 different effects which you can apply. First one is 50-300mm Zoom. I use this one the most. It's not too bright and it have more colors. When I add Lens Flares I usually put Opacity around 50-60% so that it won't be too bright. Second one is 35mm Prime. It's similar as first one, only that it doesn't have "rainbow" like flare and it's brighter. Third one is 105mm Prime. I never use this one...well, it's really bright and you can hardly see lens flares in this one. The last one is Movie Prime. This is the second flare which I use the most. It have sharp horizontal and tilted lines and it's not too bright. You'll see small + sign on the center and move it to the side of image where you want to apply effect.

In the latest finished image above I used 50-300mm Zoom and Movie Prime Lens Flare. I usually have more layers when I add effects like these, so I erase some parts which I don't need.

Mask tool by tincek-marincek
Mask tool 1

Mask tool2 by tincek-marincek
Mask tool 2

Mask tool3 by tincek-marincek
Mask tool 3


Next lesson is using Mask tool (Also Layer Mask). You can use it when you erase a lot... and when you mess up something then you realise that you can't use Undo that much. On Mask layer you can erase and redraw the same image. You can use only 2 colors and white. With white color you can redraw the image. If you use black color then Brush will act like an eraser. You'll erase your image then. I explained that on Image 1. When you wish to use Mask layer on selected layer, then click on icon below, as I showed on image. A new white layer will appear next to the layer image.

I decided to move angel a little left. So I used mask tool and erased all parts around her which I didn't need. See that on Image 2. Striped lines are marking the image...everything around striped lines is erased.

On the last image I simply made some random brush strokes. I used Brush tool and white color on the Mask layer. Everything what's marked with yellow color is erased. You can see that when I used Brush tool that image became visible again...even that I erased it. Click on layer image, next to the Mask layer when you wish to draw or edit original layer.

Photoshop tutorial- PS basics for newbies by tincek-marincek
Photoshop tutorial- PS basics for newbies 2 by tincek-marincek
Photoshop tutorial- PS basics 3 by tincek-marincek
+Painting anime hair...tutorial+ by tincek-marincek
+how to paint digital 2+ by tincek-marincek

Coding by SimplySilent

Happy Birthday dad

Wed Aug 27, 2014, 7:46 AM


And we wish our dad happy birthday...yaaaaay. Like past year I decided to paint him a special drawing in the style which he likes and I wasn't able to finish it on time...nuuu (I did the menu for the game). He didn't see the piece yet, but you can see cropped WIP preview below (it's gonna be pretty colorful). And'll see full piece when I finish it...haha.

And like past year I'll also submit progress video, this time from this painting...sorry I didn't record sketch progress, again xD I don't have much space on my hard drive, so making the sketches take me a long time till I decide if I'll finish the drawing or not. So you'll see recordings from scratch from my other paintings.

Bday gift-wip by tincek-marincek
Bday gift-wip

Amaranthine Story

Amaranthine Story is the Debut game of Lion Dog Studios. From the mind of David Daniels, Amaranthine Story has been a story written over the course of 10 years encompassing elements of Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Horror, and Drama. Amaranthine Story is the tale of a young man that survives a a traumatic mission in the mountainous desert of Ivendale, and the psychological effects he copes with afterwards.

Artworks which we did for the game you can find in this folder. Follow the project on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Special thank to everyone who showed support for the game on Indiegogo, to everyone who shared info about the game on their sites  and here in my previous article where I announced the game.Thank you again. Your help means a lot.

Leaning on the everlasting arms by Dark134
Bird of Paradise by balaa
Black Dragon Coin by DartGarry
The Hermitage Court Chamber Herald Cat by EldarZakirov
Angel by InaWong
Equillibrium by Raipun
Fuego U. by MalKnox
The Legend of Zelda 2015 by abigbat
Fortune's Favored by juliedillon
.:Color of Home:. by Starrelly

Coding by SimplySilent

Splash of colors feature 3 + points

Sat Aug 23, 2014, 7:21 AM


And I decided to put a feature again...yay. After a long time, haha. You can check it below. These are really amazing works by awesome artists, so please check them. You can also support them by faving this article. Thanks for looking.

Midnight Drive by frankhong
Midnight Drive

Eclipsed From Within by balaa
Eclipsed From Within

DevilKingB by zinnaDu

Wonder by anndr

The Heartless Mountain by DreadJim
The Heartless Mountain

Dark Love by rafater
Dark Love

Oczko by viki-vaki

sides of evil by DartGarry
sides of evil

Vunsvagh by AlectorFencer

Carrie Hayashi by MichaelCTY
Carrie Hayashi

Lost in the Garden of Indigo by S-doll
Lost in the Garden of Indigo

Deep down in the gorge by merl1ncz
Legend of the cryptids by LASAHIDO
Anny and Zach by Heatherzart
Commission 8 by narrator366
MeatSpaceInvasion by GrayShuko
Concept art 01 by Deino3330
Dragoon by Vusc
Nymph by Filipe-Pagliuso
No Man's Sky by abigbat
what if Godzilla by SharksDen
Legend of the Cryptids- Elefarda [A] by anotherwanderer
MagnetGirl reg with logo by crs1009
Devon Aoki(2014) by greno89
ImagineFX Tutorial by mynameistran
Dark Knight by kamiyamark

Amaranthine Story

And as I promised....since Indiegogo campaign ended, now it's time to give away 400 points to 3 lucky people who faved Amaranthine Story article, spread some info about the game, donated...and so on (they were selected completely random...with eyes closed, lol). And 3 lucky winners are mayhigurashe, MirajaneGosh and EnvisArts. Congratulations.

I must also thank to everyone who showed support for the game on Indiegogo, to everyone who shared info about the game on their sites  and here in my previous article where I announced the game. Follow the game on Facebook. More info and art  done for the game will come soon.

Coding by SimplySilent

New profile design and game info

Fri Aug 15, 2014, 5:02 AM


And my profile design has finally changed...after so many years. It became more and more messy, lol. Thanks to  SimplySilent now it looks awesome (some cool stuff by her you can check in feature below). She coded my designs perfectly...from widgets to journal skin. I'm still smiling when I see how all buttons work, haha. Now I can entertain myself with them, lol. Old design you can check here (OK, it wasn't like that all the time...I had different journal skin for my journals). Now I just have to change that dA ID, lol. I have it  since 2010...and gallery folder designs.

And sorry because I don't post much drawings lately. I had very busy time drawing for the game and a little bit of health issues, so I can't be all time here. But hopefully I'll be able to do more features now, and I hope I'll make some new tutorials. I have been recording one progress video (it's from game Amaranthine Story...from menu art). I still didn't post it here, so you can expect to see some new drawings and videos soon.

Matthias Gamble portrait by tincek-marincek
Matthias Gamble portrait

Jay Abbott - Matthias Progress-sm by tincek-marincek
Matthias model
Jay Abbott

Matthias Gamble by tincek-marincek
Matthias Gamble

Amaranthine Story

Above you can see some new stuff from AmaranthineStory. The whole team works very hard to be able to show you first demo of the game. We're doing character designs and in-game 2D works...characters are being modelled and game director David Daniels is mak-ing this all real. Jay Abbott made my design of Matthias as a 3D model and I must say he made him look amazing. You can support the game by donating something on Indiegogo, spread some word about it or follow the game on Facebook.

I must also thank to everyone who showed support for the game on Indiegogo, to everyone who shared info about the game on their sites  and here in my previous article where I announced the game. You can still fav the previous article, and when will camp-aign finish on Indiegogo I will donate points to 3 lucky people who showed us support. More about that you can read in the article. Thank you again. Your help means a lot.

Hungary by SimplySilent
Clean Gallery CSS v.3 by SimplySilent
Tropical Fruit CSS by SimplySilent
Make a Profile Directory v.2 by SimplySilent
Fearless Gallery CSS by SimplySilent
Virtuoso Journal Skin by SimplySilent
Soaring Hopes by SimplySilent
Vivacious Gallery CSS by SimplySilent
Fullsized Gallery Directory by SimplySilent
Make a Gallery Directory v.2 by SimplySilent

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Amaranthine Story needs your help + points

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 18, 2014, 11:02 AM

We're gonna be Creative directors | Concept artists for the game Amaranthine Story by David Daniels. These days you were able to see some of the concepts which I uploaded in my gallery (also below). Well...we and the whole team would love to make this game and the project a reality, so we would need your help in making this game possible. 

Game director David Daniels launched first INDIEGOGO campaign. At the moment we would need some funding, so that game development will move on and we'll be able to show you bigger progress. More about the game you can read here. Some concept arts and video about the game (Matthias' Story) you can check below. More on Indiegogo.
Amaranthine Story-image by tincek-marincekMatthias Gamble by tincek-marincek

About the game & Synopsis

Amaranthine Story is the Debut game of Lion Dog Studios. From the mind of David Daniels, it was written over the course of 10 years encompassing elements of Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Horror, and Drama.  
An elite group of warriors from the Kingdom of Grand Eden are sent on a mission to recover an item that could result in the fall of their kingdom. They quickly discover this mission is a set-up

Matthias Gamble is the only survivor. Suffering from memory loss and plagued by the screams of his dying comrades, a broken Matthias quickly finds himself framed for the deaths of the Royal Family. With the hero prince being the only survivor, Matthias is branded a traitor to the Kingdom and is hunted down by those he swore to protect.

In order to survive, Matthias must challenge his morals, his faith, and his dreams in order to uncover the dark events of his past. Only then can he survive the present and save the future from the coming darkness of World War.

This is a genre-bending fantasy bringing together elements of action, adventure, comedy, romance, fantasy, and horror. Enter the world of Unelma where monsters roam the wild and magic is the sword protecting all life or killing it mercilessly.

A hero is born from the destiny they choose to write.

How can I help?
Any help is more than welcome. can donate something on the INDIEGOGO...even if it's just 1$ is fine. If you don't have money to donate you can fav :+fav: this article, you can share something about the game in your journals, Facebook, Twitter...anywhere you want...tell your friends. You can even like Amaranthine Story's Facebook page.

Anyone who donated something, shared info about the game...and so on...will appear on the donor's list below. Because I want to show our appreciation for the donors, you'll also get a feature here...and when the campaign will be over (on August 20) 3 of the donors will get 400 :points: points from us :la:

And here are featured donors, who faved :+fav: this article, funded the game, shared it...etc. On the buttons below you can also see their featured deviations. And when the campaign is finished I'll randomly select 3 people who will get 400:points:.. please fav :+fav: the article, so I'll have you on the list. Thanks :heart:

:iconkiethtreason: :iconfukyuinasshol-san: :iconenvisarts: :iconcrypticmachine: :iconaeriuu: :iconbahamutdeusmodus: :iconawsassin: :iconbleedingheart31: :iconitznikki530: :icongracegibbs98: :iconmutateddragonete: :iconsafva: :iconcatstudio7: :iconmana-dax: :iconreira-owl: :iconalmiest: :iconaikonaishinno: :iconsilverz777: :iconlayaamaranthi: :iconlady-dragonrose: :iconsacchim: :icongoka1999: :iconthe-art-lover-46: :iconschnee-konigen: :iconsharindan-dragon: :iconrunicbirdsong: :iconmalknox: :iconexplosivelight: :iconmiyuu1chan: :iconraidoactiv-shinegami: :iconsuihowl: :icondariushwew: :icontundr4: :iconkeimichi: :icononemidnightrose: :iconjigokusister95: :iconilliarovanna: :iconpyon-hiyokoi: :icondryadtreeguy: :iconstryler: :iconneonanimelover: :iconmayhigurashe: :iconprinceoffire: :icontotoroghibli: :iconcrabshell476: :iconalanomg: :iconroxyielle: :iconlucr3tcia: :iconspigarose: :iconkatsuxiii: :iconeeren: :iconthedoorwithin: :iconnokinami: :iconmirajanegosh: :iconstrawhatdshaina: :iconr3dcheetah: :iconcdm3112: :iconcici88: :iconrenaiivan: :iconoragamiknight: :iconbeth-z: :iconlightningelectrica: :iconrpgamers: :icongamecomplete: :iconallienerozen: :iconbedheadomega: :iconstarlightt1234: :iconcherubun: :iconakisekurokolovesales: :iconneohikamaru:
:icondixsina: :iconronin012: :icong3om: :icondemonangelxd: :iconijiryushippo: :iconjcjchicken:

P.S...if you already donated something and you can't see yourself on the list, then please tell me, so I'll add you here (and tell me how you supported the faving the article, donating...)

Follow the project on:
Indiegogo | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

Feature for donors

Fri Jul 18, 2014, 10:55 AM
And here are featured donors, who faved +fav Amaranthine Story...needs help article, funded the game, shared it...etc. Below you can also see featured deviations. And when the campaign is finished I'll randomly select 3 people who will get 400Points. Thanks for the support, it means a lot.Heart

P.S...if you already donated something and you can't see yourself on the list, then please tell me, so I'll add you here (and tell me how you supported the faving the article, donating...)


:iconkiethtreason: :iconfukyuinasshol-san: :iconenvisarts: :iconcrypticmachine: :iconaeriuu: :iconbahamutdeusmodus: :iconawsassin: :iconbleedingheart31: :iconitznikki530: :icongracegibbs98: :iconmutateddragonete: :iconsafva: :iconcatstudio7: :iconmana-dax: :iconreirayoippari: :iconalmiest: :iconaikonaishinno: :iconsilverz777: :iconlayaamaranthi: :iconlady-dragonrose: :iconsacchim: :icongoka1999: :iconthe-art-lover-46: :iconschnee-konigen: :iconsharindan-dragon: :iconrunicbirdsong: :iconmalknox: :iconexplosivelight: :iconmiyuu1chan: :iconraidoactiv-shinegami: :iconsuihowl: :icondariushwew: :icontundr4: :iconkeimichi: :icononemidnightrose: :iconjigokusister95: :iconilliarovanna: :iconpyon-hiyokoi: :icondryadtreeguy: :iconstryler: :iconneonanimelover: :iconmayhigurashe: :iconprinceoffire: :icontotoroghibli: :iconcrabshell476: :iconalanomg: :iconroxyielle: :iconlucr3tcia: :iconspigarose: :iconkatsuxiii: :iconeeren: :iconthedoorwithin: :iconnokinami: :iconmirajanegosh: :iconstrawhatdshaina: :iconr3dcheetah: :iconcdm3112: :iconcici88: :iconrenaiivan: :iconoragamiknight: :iconbeth-z: :iconlightningelectrica: :iconrpgamers: :icongamecomplete: :iconallienerozen: :iconbedheadomega: :iconstarlightt1234: :iconcherubun: :iconakisekurokolovesales: :iconneohikamaru: :icondixsina: :iconronin012: :icong3om: :icondemonangelxd: :iconijiryushippo: :iconjcjchicken:


Forgotten Legends by KiethTreasonSammie by Fukyuinasshol-san03.24.2014 painting (I'M BACK!) by EnvisArtsBubble princess Marill by CrypticMachineBirch Waters Pixel by aeriuu...Beaten Into My Head by BahamutDeusModusBlade wielding canines by AwsassinKazama Kenji by bleedingheart31Beauty Becomes the Beast by itznikki530:thumb466577042:Image by MutateddragoneteRain child by safvaJust My Imagination by CatStudio7Ice Queen Masa by Mana-DaxYzalis by ReiraYoippari-Please don't leave me- 2 by AlmiestA Happy Lovely Halloween by AiKoNaishinnoEye by silverz777 RunningShe just keeps running
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and running
and running
Time flows by
people cry
and laugh
and mock her
things terrify
shock her
So she runs
People change
and people leave
moods flit and fly
Anger and sorrow
love and happiness
She never looks
to the right or the left
She just keeps
and running
never stops
She cannot
ever stop
If she pauses
comes crashing down
and she loses
And she cannot
allow that to be
So she keeps
Merry Christmas Joiachi by Lady-DragonroseRed Riding Hood by SacchimLost by Goka1999Virgil Fanart by The-art-lover-46The Icy Merman by Schnee-KonigenStitch's Castle by Sharindan-dragonNo Matter Where You'll Be I'll Be Protecting by RunicBirdsongAthalyse by MalKnoxA soul on offer by explosivelightColored animal commision - TheRealBlackLion by miyuu1chanwhatever you wanna call it by Raidoactiv-ShinegamiRadioactive kiss by SuihowlKamigawa by TunDr4Midnight bloom by KeimichiMy OC by OneMidnightRoseFly with me by jigokusister95Dragons Rising Glory by illiarovannaRawr chibi by pyon-hiyokoiWill O'wisp by DryadtreeguyFinal Fantasy - Tidus by strylerRalts, Kirlia, and Gardevoir! by NeonAnimeLoverNightwish - Magic by mayhigurashe The Palm ReaderA MAN WALKS INTO A TENT-LIKE ROOM FILLED WITH YOUR TYPICAL MYSTIC TRINKETS, AMULETS, CRYSTAL BALLS, ETC.
Fortune Teller: (offstage) Come in! Sit down.
Man: (takes a seat)
Fortune Teller: (walks onstage) Hello. Welcome. You are here to have your fortune read, I presume.
Man: Ye-yes!
Fortune Teller: Well then, hold out your right hand with a toonie in it. These readings aren't for free you know.
Man: I understand. (holds out palm with toonie in it)
Fortune Teller: (takes the money) Thank you. (sits down and begins studying palm)
Man: (looks at fortune teller studying his palm)
Fortune Teller: (continues to study palm for a while) A-ha!
Man: What? What is it? What do you see?
Fortune Teller: (suddenly slaps the man and stands up) You just lost two dollars, sucker! (runs away laughing wickedly and comically)
Man: (just stands there dumbfounded for a moment)
IMVU Premade Collab: Zer0bandit and Totoro by TotoroGhibliDiana- League of Legends by Crabshell476Rin kagamine 26th work by AlanOMGKittens: Look Up by RoxyielleJesper's love - Request by Lucr3tciaVi x Cait-you belong to me-[yuri gif] by SpigaRoseKatsu's smile by KatsuXIII[CONTEST] Adagio by Eeren Just One Last Shift~Just One Last Shift
Dimly lit by the fading glow of stars, a silhouette stood on the brink of a roughly-hewn cliff. His bloodshot eyes were narrowed as cat-like slits and his fists hung like limp, broken branches at his sides. If he had the strength he would have constricted them in agony, but his strength was waning, dripping away as small liquid crystals from his sharp green eyes.
The moon shone high in the charcoal-dusted sky, obliterating the dark like a beacon of light, a ray of hope to those it looked upon with smiling face.
His lip tightened in anger as he thought the same, hapless notion once more. If the moon could destroy that darkness with just a mere glance of its beams, why couldn't it be rid of his?
He shook with bitter cold and angst, unable to express the billions of raging emotions pent up inside him. He wanted to scream, to cry out and pierce the glowing sphere with a knife so sharp that it would never dare to return.
But even if he wasn't alone, such a feat would be
Missing by NokinamiGift for raflael by MirajaneGoshAlone ... by StrawhatDShainaOld Canine Painting by R3DCheetahNear, Mello and L by CDM3112Mahel - Come with Me (colored version) by Cici88My Sabik by renaiivanZebra Typography by oragamiknightFour Masters at Rest (song link in description) by Beth-ZJellyFish Dream by LightningelectricaBryn Close Up Real by AllieneRozenLindsay commision by bedheadomega One Lone WolfI'd so date myself.
Just think about it, we have 
so much in common.
Contest Entry by Cherubunmaki by AKiseKurokoLovesAlesNeo-The Dimensioner -Update- by NeoHikamaruIn der Welt, in der ICH herrsche! by DixsinaAlois by DemonangelXDfire emblem awakening Teaser by IjiRyushippoThe Eye by JCJChicken

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Skin by SimplySilent

Another DD...omg *o* with feature

Journal Entry: Fri May 16, 2014, 5:59 AM

New Daily Deviation
Jarrett Rowe by tincek-marincek

I got another DD :iconexciteddummyplz:'s the 8th one I believe. I got it from my Jarrett Rowe design (pic above)...I never expected that he would get a DD. I'm really thankful to psoty for suggesting it and Shue13 for featuring it. Thaaanks :heart: And as a "thank you" to both of you I did a small feature of your works... haha :D And thanks to everyone for all the faves, comments and watches. I really appreciate that :glomp: P.S...I'll maybe reply on all comments a little later cuz I have to draw a cover for my calendar (for college). Yesterday I drew it whooole day (literary) and it's not even half done ^^;


birdy boy by psotygame boy by psotybeforelife boy by psoty
Nivan's boy by psotyjadepresja by psotyinlove boy by psoty

Terminal 13 by Shue13
Parallel Universe by Shue13Sulphurygen by Shue13
Frozen Gold by Shue13
The Valley Of Gaia by Shue13In A Magical Creek by Shue13

Digital Art Masters: Vol 9 & Wallpaper
Productmain 01large9-1 by tincek-marincekFFXV - Noctis by tincek-marincek
I also put a new pic for download as a HD wallpaper (pic above...right one)...I'll also submit a wallpaper pack a little later with more pics in HD wallpaper resolution, so you'll be able to put them as a background. You'll just have to wait a bit more for that ;P Anyway, enjoy... :love:

I can happily announce that 
Digital Art Masters: Volume 9 by3dtotal is available for pre-order. I also did a tutorial on how I drew my painting Forest Spirits (edited one...but it's also a whole progress of pic which you can see in my gallery). I also explained which brushes I used and where you can get them…so it’s really detailed. In gallery section you can see my painting Dreams. If you want to buy it or check the preview of the book then follow this link. First 200 pre-orders will also get a free art print.

Digital Art Masters: Vol 9 preorder + wallpaper

Journal Entry: Wed May 14, 2014, 9:43 AM

Digital Art Masters: Volume 9
Productmain 01large9-1 by tincek-marincek

I can happily announce that Digital Art Masters: Volume 9 by3dtotal is available for pre-order. I also did a tutorial on how I drew my painting Forest Spirits (edited one...but it's also a whole progress of pic which you can see in my gallery). I also explained which brushes I used and where you can get them…so it’s really detailed. In gallery section you can see my painting Dreams. If you want to buy it or check the preview of the book then follow this link. First 200 pre-orders will also get a free art print.

Digital Art Masters has long been supporting the up-and-coming talent in the digital art industry, showcasing their work to a global audience and helping to bring them the recognition they richly deserve. In the ninth volume of this ground-breaking series, 50 more artists bring their imagination and talent to such topics as characters, scenes, sci-fi, fantasy and cartoons, resulting in a book that is filled to the brim with beautiful images and words of wisdom. With a mixture of veterans and newcomers, Digital Art Masters: Volume 9 provides the perfect cross-section of the best artwork the industry can offer, and is sure to leave you fired up with inspiration, ready to create masterpieces of your very own.

FFXV - Noctis by tincek-marincek
Today I also put a new pic for download as a HD wallpaper (pic above)...I'll also submit a wallpaper pack a little later with more pics in HD wallpaper resolution, so you'll be able to put them as a background. You'll just have to wait a bit more for that ;P Anyway, enjoy... :love:

I'm writing a FAQ, throw me questions

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 25, 2014, 10:37 AM

I decided to write a FAQ on my Tumblr here... so if you have any questions on how we do our art, about technique, tools...and even totally random can ask us here. Some questions I'll also post on Tumblr if they get asked many times :D Some Questions and Answers I already wrote there. :la: I'll also answer on questions here if I don't put them on everyone will got an answer...yay for that :dummy: 

And here's my new painting for you. Sorry cuz I don't upload stuff into my gallery more regularly...I have to draw paintings for college, so I barely find some time to do my personal stuff. But I hope you'll still enjoy this piece :heart:
Path To The Horizon by tincek-marincek

Video progress of Black Swan on YouTube

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 9, 2014, 7:59 AM

And the video progress of my painting Black Swan (you can see it below) is finally uploaded (yesterday I uploaded it for like 3.5 hours...I thought that I'll went nuts :nuu:). But it's finally on our YouTube so you can check the video below or on this link :la:
Black Swan by tincek-marincek
This video is 10 times faster than actual speed and it's 1 hour and 46 minutes long. If you have patience to watch it from beginning till the end I'll worship and bow to you :worship: And it lasted few days till I uploaded this...I tried to make a
Some parts I had to play even on my keyboard cuz I was to lazy to take my keyboard/electric piano which was in my neeeeeeext roooooom. Hahaha. Fail... anyway, at least it's not soundless video ;P'll see how many layers I use... and I use duplicate option a lot, haha :giggle: If you'll have any questions, feel free to ask... I don't bite :dummy:

And I have to apologize if some of you tried to check our official site these days, but we were moving our site to different hosting, so it didn't work for few days. But now it's fine :D

And TheSleepingGods wrote a short story based on my character Ari (on the pic above). You can read it here:
Ari, the Black SwanI ran through the trees with as much haste a wounded soul could muster. Tears streamed down my face as the hunters behind me yelled my location.
Why? Why was I to be hunted? Just seeing the faces of my loved ones when they were run through in my mind causes my wracking sobs to continue their onslaught. From where did these men hail? I didn’t recognize their facial markings. Certainly not from the south, there was not such an aggressive countenance below the valley. These men were foreign, and my family was dead.
For reasons unknown to me, I continued to run. But the burning in my lungs began to draw the last bit of strength in my limbs and when I knew my limit had come.
What happened if I stopped? I needed to desperately. No choice, the pain in my chest was too much. My legs slowed their run, and my mind went numb. With a grunt, I fell to my knees and took two of the largest breathes that I could before dropping forward onto my stomach.
The mixture of moist and dry leaves on the

My painting is stitched...yay

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 29, 2014, 9:56 AM

Cross stitch 
Talented :iconshingorengeki: stitched drawing below which I drew for her few months ago. She does really amazing realistic cross stitches which you can see for yourself. I'm really happy when I'm able to see one of my works stitched like that :blush: She also stitched one of my older paintings which you can also see below. She deserves more attention...if you like these works feel free to check her gallery (she have a lot of AC stitches there...haha :D :la:)U N I V E R S E by tincek-marincek
Alleena - Cross Stitch by shingorengeki
A Little Wet ?! by tincek-marincekGouka - Cross Stitch by shingorengeki

I can't submit anything... update: it wooorks now

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 21, 2014, 10:32 AM

Not again 
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...I'm gonna pull my all hair out Rage An hour ago I tried to submit my painting on dA, and at first the pic wasn't visible at all...just the content. I tried to change it, but it didn't work... later I deleted it. When I checked my gallery pic was still VISIBLE in my gallery...even that it was deleted... whaaaaaaaaaaaat :wtf: On my profile it didn't show it at all...

I tried to post in and delete it several times...I even uploaded it with didn't work. Later I checked my photo account if pic get's submitted at all... and guess what... no one didn't get the pic. Like that I didn't submit it at all :nuu:

And I thought that my dA is finally gonna work...I guess not :| I'll try tomorrow again... if that won't work... then I don't know when you'll be able to see my works :saddummy: 
Did any of you noticed problem like that...?! Wait...why I submitted journal at the first one can get that either...nuuuuu :nuu:

It wooooooooorks I checked my photo account and I can finally see my journal in the inbox and for deviations it says "This Deviation is no longer available"... so it finally works now... phew :la:

Assassin's Creed fans... where are you

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 8, 2014, 10:55 AM

Alright... I'm so interested how many people here are AC fans...haha. My sis is so obsessed with it, so are you one of fellow deviant who enjoys to play these series. :dummy: The last one is Black Flag...cuz my sis played it these days, I was inspired to paint this fan art below (so I hope I didn't let all AC fans down...enjoy the pic) ;P Man...I have even unfinished Connor and Edward Kenway...I have no idea when I'll finish these two. 

Anyway...which of the series you like the best (if you played more of them). We played AC3 like 10 times all over again...haha. :giggle: I'm really curious where next AC is gonna be. And for those who didn't play AC series... did you ever play one game for many times all over again...or are you obsessed with one (or limitations here...haha) game character? :D 

And I have one poll for you ;P (Oh my...I didn't post these a loooong time :omg:) Let me know...what do you more prefer...Fan art VS Original art.

Assassin's Creed IV - Naval Fort by tincek-marincek
WIPs and sketches from this painting above you can see on our Tumblr here

+Splash of colors... feature 2+

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 22, 2014, 7:22 AM

As I promised yesterday, here's the feature (which I didn't make for far too long ^^;)
I featured some amazing character and environment pieces by great artists all around dA. If you like these works, then fav them... and you can also :+fav: fav this article and help these artists, so they can get more attention. Thank you and I hope you enjoy this feature :hug: :heart:
Thranduil the Woodland King by HRFleur
Season 4 is coming! by su-ke
Osmadth - Bancur City Main Street by flaviobollaRaccoon by DavidRapozaArt
Mistborn by MarcSimonetti
Xinda Lai by SnowSkadiHunter by Ashramart
The Giants of the Past - A lost City by flaviobolla
Waves in Tokyo by dcwjAlmiraj adv (process) by kir-tat
Frozen Hometown by flaviobolla
300 Max by LASAHIDONight City by jordangrimmer
Papillon Kotetsu by chesterocampo
Alleyne The punisher Regular by chrisnfy85Project: Black Plague(4) by wang2dog
Snake of the Golden Grove by guterrez
Mommy, i'm hungry by RHADSStorm lancer(type D) by rabbiteyesnora by INstockee
Arinna by yuchenghongAlmiraj by kir-tat
G by mingrutu
UnderWater by CushartRuby eyes by asuka111
Horn and needle cafe by 86hrhr
Forsaken by anotherwandererBirth by Bea-Gonzalez
Cradle: Crucible by JoshEiten
The Eternal Temple by najtkrissThe governor of the morning star Esperos by DavidGaillet
Go into The Gate by mad-jojo
Forgotten Village by whatzitoya
Prosper by iya-chenOstium Inferus by Grivetart
The Last Fortress by andreasrocha
On the rise by TARGETEUntitled by joinjump
Battlefield by 88grzes

I'm back...and Ethereal Artbook

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 21, 2014, 9:41 AM

I'm not dead...
Hiiiiii everyone...I'm back again...after many months ^^; Sorry cuz I wasn't so active lately, but I had exams, exhibition and I had to do many things for the college, so I literary didn't have any free time to do other things. I have more than 30 unfinished paintings, so I hope I'll be able to finish some of them soon... otherwise, I hope if you'll be satesfied if I'll upload some of my old stuff here...haha :D Better something than nothing. ;P

Some of my WIPs and things which I do now you can check on my Twitter and Tumblr. I'm a little more active there lately. I'm painting Link, Assassin's Creed fan arts, personal stuff, Final Fantasy fan arts and others. There you can also check my traditional sketches :D And I hope I'll be able to do journal features again...and journal tutorials. I didn't do that in a while :omg:

Ethereal artbook
I'm also showing my work which I did last year for :iconethereal-artbook: (image below). It's charity organization and all profits raised will go directly to the RedKite, a foundation that works closely with children living with cancer, helping families financially in these tough times.You can order their artbook here. Previews and other info about them and the book you can check on their group.

ROCK 'N' ROLL by tincek-marincek

Cover art... and I wish you happy holidays

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 27, 2013, 11:16 AM

Cover art
Dream Storm Sea by tincek-marincek
Hiiiiii to everyone...after a long time :faint: Sorry cuz I'm not so active here, but I have so many things to do right now, so I don't have any free time to draw or be here... but anyway. This (above) is illustration which I did for novel cover called Dream Storm Sea by A.E. Marling (you can purchase Kindle edition here). 

I also posted WIPs and details from this drawing on my Tumblr, so you can check these here. But yea...I'm more active on my Twitter and Tumblr, so if I don't answer to your comments or notes here so quickly, then you'll know that I'm busy. I'll answer them when I get more time, so don't be sad :huggle:

Happy holidays
And I wish you all happy holidays. I hope you spent wonderful Christmas, and that this New Year will be even better :la: :party: I wish you all the best in the next year :heart: Now lets parteeeeeeeeeeh :dummy:

Slovenia...Makkon event this week

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 11, 2013, 10:56 AM

Makkon Japanese event
Makkon13 PLAKAT by tincek-marincek
Firstly, I'm sorry cuz I'm not so active here...I was sick for more weeks and college is just killing me (count other projects here also :faint:). Anyway if you're from Slovenia there's gonna be Makkon event this year also. It's gonna be in Kino Šiška, on 14 December 2013. More about event you can read on their site here and program you can check here. Entrance is free and everyone is welcome...see you there :la: 

And I'm honoured to be part of Makkon event this year also, so, on the poster you can see my newest painting BATTLEFIELD (pic below)...below you can see also my last year poster drawing. Poster design (above) done by DaeStock and Evoli-chan.:la:
BATTLEFIELD by tincek-marincekForest Spirits by tincek-marincek

Ethereal Artbook preorder

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 9, 2013, 5:30 AM

Ethereal artbook
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
:iconethereal-artbook: is open for pre-orders for their charity artbook which you can see above. All profits raised will go directly to the RedKite, a foundation that works closely with children living with cancer, helping families financially in these tough times. More about pre-ordering and about the book you can check on their article here. And you can PRE-ORDER book HERE. :la: (in the book you can also find my drawing below...on the picture is just the small preview). And they also created event on Facebook, hopefully you can also invite all your friends to this event!
ROCK 'N' ROLL...preview by tincek-marincek
Book is 19 X 23cm big and there's over 140 pages with over 98 artists participating from all over the world. It's only $45USD. You also get Pre Order Goodies. There's also Mini Tutorial/walkthrough on digital painting and it's Softcase bound Book.