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LOL after 2 years, now I have finally posted an anatomy tutorial for the back (male torso). I've never found time for doing that, but eh... I'll just do it now. You can check it below, as well as my other similar tutorials/references. I hope this will be helpful.

HOW TO: Male Torso Anatomy - BACK by tincek-marincek
HOW TO: Male Torso Anatomy - BACK

HOW TO: Male Torso Anatomy by tincek-marincek
HOW TO: Male Torso Anatomy

HOW TO: Male Hands Reference by tincek-marincek
HOW TO: Male Hands Reference


LOL again... I wasn't here for super long and I'm still busy drawing stuff, so I won't be able to reply to your notes/messages immediately. Bear with me... when I find time I'll try to go through them.

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7 years on dA

Tue Feb 2, 2016, 9:22 AM


Actually we had  an anniversary few days ago...well, I'm writing this journal with a bit of delay <_< I never manage to come here more often. Eh...busy. Aaaaaanyway, man...there has been 7 years now already?! Pffftt time flies. I barely flip on my chair and there's another year gone. LOL quite literary...since when it's February already? I barely uploaded a New Year illustration (with a month delay *cries*). I need to draw more. But lol, prepare to see dark arts from me cause they fit my current mood better XD And I declare a war to the color palette cause colors hate me lately. And oh god...could this journal be even more random than this? *randomness over*


Oh, sorry if I won't reply on all your comments immediately and notes (I have more than 100 notes, so bear with me)...I wasn't here for so long and I just don't have time to reply on so many messages at once *cries*

Seabreeze by ra-lilium
Little India Penang by FeiGiap
Christmas Lady - Beautiful Antique Jewelry by Viccolatte
Sagittarius by hgjart
laputa by megatruh
Shadowwalker Xeros by rodg-art
The Market by daRoz
Lunar Lotus by rossdraws
.:Fullerton:. by RHCheng
Fem | Cultura by iumazark
Assassin's Creed Syndicate concept by tnounsy
Bloom by balaa
Loc Ppj V50 Fin by totorrl
Dark Lords Castle by JJcanvas
Monarch by Charlie-Bowater

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When life gives you lemons...

Tue Nov 24, 2015, 4:08 AM


...make lemonade. Or just demand for some chocolate if you don't like drinking juices as me XD Oh's me...going back to writing a weird journal I guess. I miss busy lately T__T

Oh well...this year wasn't so great for wise. So yeah, if I post random stuff here a'll be probably cause of that. I can't sit and draw much. And my hard drive DIIIIIIIED. That evil thing >__< So yeah, now it's like already for about 2 months in the lab and they doubt they'll get even 50% of the data out of the drive. And my wallet wishes to strangle me right now T___T Did any of you had problems with the hard drive, or that you had to take it to the lab? LOL, I know I want my data back, but it just feels like gambling cause I don't know WHAT files they'll recover. All I need are my drawings...but if they'll recover all crap I don't need and I'll give a fortune for that, I'll just feel like jumping under the train... decisions, decisions >__<

I hope not all of you have so many lemons in your life served, lol... I'll start to think I'm cursed or something...haha. Aaaaaanyway, congrats for coming through this weird journal. I give you a cake, so you'll get rid of the sour taste in your mouth XD And yeah...enjoy in the pwetty feature below.

hasebe by ymkw
commander four sword of the blue mantle by theDURRRRIAN
First Directiveless by Smirtouille
TPST by Cushart
Ghost's procession by Zeen84
Who broke gravity by alexiuss
My dear daughter by shilin
Huor and Hurin Approaching Gondolin by DonatoArts
The Old North by JJcanvas
Consecrated Minevra by LASAHIDO
Before the world ends by Qrumzsjem
Shops concept by FeiGiap
witch by KilartDev
sister of ice by AMSBT
Red Gold (Werewolf calendar 2016) by ailah

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Thank you sooooooooo much to everyone for your bday wishes (I'll reply to everyone...just let me take a couple of minutes XD)... pffffffftttt, we're 23 old now. I dun feel any older XD Anyway...I also wish a happy bday to my mom, who have a bday tomorrow, then to our uncle who has a bday one day after...and to our other uncle who has a bday one day after our other uncle XD LOL...many bdays.

And sorry if I won't be able to post many hard drive died so I lost my all files. Hopefully I'll be able to get the data back...

HOW TO: Male Hands Reference by tincek-marincek
HOW TO: Male Hands Reference


And thanks a lot to these awesome people who drew us a gift for our bday (I have to thank to others as well for your lovely presents ^^)

Ash - OC fanart by TunDr4
Ash - OC fanart

Wings of Genesis - Happy Birthday Senpai!! by EnvisArts
Wings of Genesis - Happy Birthday Senpai!!

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My Daily Deviation Highlights

Mon Aug 31, 2015, 4:18 AM


I was tagged by Minato-Kushina to take part in this, so I was more than happy to join in. This is the project by Mrs-Durden and anyone who'd love to join in is very welcome. More about the project you can read below:

Welcome to a Community Volunteer project in which we will be highlighting our favourite Daily Deviations featured within the recent weeks! We would like to encourage the community to join in on this project by simply going through the Daily Deviations page and collecting some of their favourite pieces of art within a journal titled "My Daily Deviation Highlights"! We hope this project will help spread awareness and love for Daily Deviations and our fellow deviant artists!

Use the hashtag #DDHighlights so we can find your journals!

Stealth by rah-bop

Macallan 30 by zephyrxavier
Macallan 30

Gears of Time by Majentta
Gears of Time

Mad Max Stuff 2 by NuclearSnailStudios
Mad Max Stuff 2

storm is coming by Avine
storm is coming

Owl painting by gimgams
Owl painting

European Vampire Hunter by wraithdt
European Vampire Hunter

Map Check by AaronMiller
Map Check

San and the Wolves by Changinghand
San and the Wolves

19/365 Asking advice from the wise fox by snatti89
19/365 Asking advice from the wise fox

Fishbowl by JasonChanArt

Dream by LONEOLD

Dream of Ship by Kutty-Sark
Dream of Ship

Merry-go-Round by AkubakaArts

Losers by Noboru-ru

the rain is coming by asml30
the rain is coming

Thorns by Angeljiro

Inuyasha (female ver.) by DiegooCunha
Inuyasha (female ver.)

Nana Nouveau by n00brevolution
Nana Nouveau

Rise of The Horde Sarnuk bloodsoul by kiddo428
Rise of The Horde Sarnuk bloodsoul

Celes looking at the Blackjack by zano
Celes looking at the Blackjack

Stella. by Vusc

Come here my lady by Zero1510
Come here my lady

You are my strengh by MattBarley
You are my strengh

La Primavera De La Noche by thinhnguyenart
La Primavera De La Noche

Legend of the Cryptids - Esflonne reg. by anotherwanderer
Legend of the Cryptids - Esflonne reg.

kunoichi by KilartDev

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Happy Bday Dad XD

Thu Aug 27, 2015, 8:33 AM


And another year passed...and today is our dad's bday, so we wish him a HAPPY BDAY, woot. Like always I tried to paint something for him and I thought I won't be able to finish the drawing, but luckily I FINISHED IT ON TIME. I hope you all will like it. ^__^

And sorry if I'm not online much lately...I'm just super busy and sometimes I don't feel well, so yeah <___< Hopefully I'll have more time soon to do more personal stuff which I can post here. I have TOO many unfinished paintings, seriously *faints*

S T A R D U S T by tincek-marincek

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DeviantArtist Questionnaire

Fri Aug 7, 2015, 9:52 AM


1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?'s 6 years now. Though it totally doesn't feel like it. I'm gonna start feeling old <__<;;;

2. What does your username mean?'s our name. More like nickname. Tincek stands for me (Valentina) and Marincek stands for my twin Marina. We weren't exactly sure what to put as our username so we simply decided to use our names. It's as simple as that XD

3. Describe yourself in three words.

Crazy drawing addict.

4. Are you left or right handed?

Riiiiiiiiiight. Though I try to use my left hand more often so it won't be completely useless.

5. What was your first deviation?

*closes her eyes while uploads pics* Oh lord...that's so old.

Pete Wentz-color by tincek-marincek
Pete Wentz-color

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?

Digital art...though I draw with traditional medium also. Just...not as often. Haha...though this stands just for me (Valentina). Marina is traditional artist, so you'll rarely see her painting digital stuff.

D R E A M S by tincek-marincek

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

Hummm... I'd probably do 3d models or I would animate. Ooooor I'd do something related to music. But at the moment I better stick to digital art XD

8. What was your first favourite?

It was work one of very first people who I met on dA. Thanks for sticking around for so many years ^__^

Green and Red wallpaper by LadyFromEast
Green and Red wallpaper

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

I pretty much fave everything what I find amazing, inspirational, catchy and well executed.

City of aThousand Steeples by JasonEngle
City of aThousand Steeples

Jaskar the Powerful - Normal by namesjames
Jaskar the Powerful - Normal

gangroad by KilartDev

A Fire in the Heavens by JJcanvas
A Fire in the Heavens

Midgar market1 by moonworker1
Midgar market1

Fall! Fall! Fall! by LuluSeason
Fall! Fall! Fall!

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

Oh my...there would be too many people... yuchenghong, feimo, heise, yuumei, michaelkutsche, balaa, K-Koji, shilin... and maaaany more.

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

Definitely Negshin ...prepare to see my ass in ze future XD

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

LadyFromEast who was one of the first people who I met here on dA. Sorry for my horrible English at that time (like that it's any better now...haha) and thanks for sticking around. Also bsbillow, Clawed50, EnvisArts and noctem-tenebris who keep me company here on dA and other sites. Maaaan...there're so many people who I would need to list here. <___<

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?

I guess...this pic below answers the question. From programs would be Photoshop CC and my current tablet is Wacom Cintiq 27QHD... and specs about my PC: I have Intel Core I7-3770K @4.3 GHz (we overclocked it a bit), 16GB of RAM, Radeon HD7870 (also overclocked), 2x 2TB HDD, 256GB Samsung EVO SSD, Blu-ray rewriter and MSI Z77A-G43 motherboard.

My desk by tincek-marincek
My desk

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

My room...haha. You'll rarely see me go out. I'm kinda a house pet...should I say it like that XD

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

Hummm... When I got a first DD, when another fellow artist who I suggested got a DD, when I hit 1M pageviews, when I hit 50K watchers (thaaanks)...and many, many more.... like receiving lots of lovely comments and notes by you guys ^^

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Threads artbook - online store launch

Sun Jun 28, 2015, 8:28 AM


And Threads artbook is now finally available for online purchase HERE. Threads is a collaborative artbook celebrating fantasy fashion, including exclusive works and tutorials by 16 international artists (A4 Size Softcover, 148 full colour pages). From my part you can find White Swan (and a tutorial which shows how I created this piece), Colorful Death (exclusive paintings done for the Threads) and also few of my older ones, such as Black SwanFallen Angels and Dance With The Devil. All other artists who participated in this project you can check below. Anyway...more info about the book and the store you can find HERE. Thank you :heart:

:iconnegshin: :iconelk64: :iconmegounette: :iconrann-poisoncage: :iconorpheelin: :iconmariposa-nocturna: :iconzephyrhant: :iconkitjoyuki: :iconantique-teacup: :iconeternal-s: :iconkeerou: :iconerebun: :icondenoro:  :iconkutty-sark: :iconelena-nekrasova: :icontincek-marincek:

Threads 2 by tincek-marincek
Threads 2

Threads 1 by tincek-marincek
Threads 1

Threads 4 by tincek-marincek
Threads 4

Threads 5 by tincek-marincek
Threads 5

Threads 6 by tincek-marincek
Threads 6

Threads 3 by tincek-marincek
Threads 3

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Another DD + new video on YouTube

Fri Jun 5, 2015, 9:43 AM


WOW... I got another DD from my painting below. It's already 10th DD which I got, wow <__< Thank you soooo much to psoty for suggesting it and to diphylla for featuring it. YOU ARE AWEEESOME. And now I need to take some time to reply to all messages.

Dance With The Devil by tincek-marincek
Dance With The Devil

YouTube video

Anyway. As I promised and that day fiiiiiiinally came. I finally posted another video on my YouTube account and it's progress video of how I drew my ASH sketch below. Hopefully you won't die in 28 minutes, but oh well. I hope you'll enjoy the video. You can see the video below, or you can check it here.

ASH + VIDEO by tincek-marincek

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1M pageviews...and London Comic Con

Wed May 20, 2015, 9:28 AM


First of all...I just reached 1 million pageviews here... WOOT... thanks a lot to everyone who check my works, fav, comment them... and to all fab watchers... you are AWESOME (yeah, caps are necessary). Below is a little "thank you" pic for that occasion ^__^Sorry because I was absent from dA for a while, I was super busy and at few times I didn't feel that well. Anyway...I believe I still have video progress to upload on my YouTube I'll try to do that as soon as possible.

Threads Artbook

Negshin will be at London Comic Con on the 22nd-24th of May, at table CC5 in the Comic Village of London Comic Con throughout the entire weekend...and you can get the Threads artbook by her table and other goodies (see below). Threads atbook pics and some previews you can also check below.

Aaaaaaaand... we are officially launching the Threads artbook for public sale. This is your first chance to grab a copy of the massive, 148 pages collaborated artbook featuring 16 international artists (full details can be found here... AND have it signed by the following featured and guest artists at the convention:
:iconkitjoyuki: :iconantique-teacup: :iconelk64: :iconmegounette: :iconpinkapplejam:

Threads artbook - White Swan preview by tincek-marincek
Threads artbook - White Swan preview

::Threads artbook preview2:: by rann-poisoncage
::Threads artbook preview2::

White Witch Black Knight by mariposa-nocturna
White Witch Black Knight

Threads Artbook - PREVIEW II by megounette
Threads Artbook - PREVIEW II

Threads Artbook Preview by keerou
Threads Artbook Preview

KafkaVey - Handmade Jewelry

:iconkafkavey: will be present at Comic Village with a selection of her amazing hand made, fantasy/gothic jewelry all the way from Canada. For you chance to reserve  and pay/pick up at London Comic Con (as any of the pieces will be displayed at the table), PLEASE visit her store:

Captive Breath - Mexican Opal Fantasy Necklace by KafkaVey
Captive Breath - Mexican Opal Fantasy Necklace

Srebra - Dragon's Breath Opal Dragon Necklace by KafkaVey
Srebra - Dragon's Breath Opal Dragon Necklace

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Splash of colors feature 4

Fri Apr 3, 2015, 6:56 AM


Feature from me...after a loooooong time I guess. I try to be on dA when I can...but I'm just so busy...but yea...prepare for the new videos on YouTube, cuz now I finally have hard drive and I can record stuff...woot. So yea, expect another video soon. But till then, here's a little colorful feature with some awesome paintings. Enjoy.

Pillar of Light by BeaGifted
Pillar of Light

Jandice Barov by TamplierPainter
Jandice Barov

The Arch of Aroden by caiomm
The Arch of Aroden

LOC Card by fangogogo
LOC Card

As to the Flame by balaa
As to the Flame

Water town_2 by IvanLaliashvili
Water town_2

Hell Princess by KilartDev
Hell Princess

Elf Warrior by Zeilyan
Elf Warrior

Bear Town by VityaR83
Bear Town

The Black Wizard by hizuki24
The Black Wizard4

Poseidon by inshoo1

Guild Wars 2 Kite City by RuanJia
Guild Wars 2 Kite City

AcrossTheForest by MaxD-Art

Atenea by Madboni

GREENWORLD by AlectorFencer

Loc Ppj V22 Fin Logo by totorrl
Loc Ppj V22 Fin Logo

The Ship by RadoJavor
The Ship

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I'm back from hospital

Fri Feb 13, 2015, 9:28 AM


Woot...I'm finally back at home from hospital...and surgery. Well...all I can say...I still have staples on my tummy and the wound is pretty big. So yea, I won't be able to be much around, or draw from now on. I can do only traditional art, cuz I must lie in my bed most of the time. I'll slowly try to reply to all comments, notes and everything (oh...that's gonna take quite some time...hehe). I'll post my works which I did till now and I didn't post on dA yet (luckily I have them many...haha). So hopefully you'll understand when I won't be here much. Thanks for's some pic so you won't say that I just talk and post nothing...haha. Enjoy xD I have some spare tissues for everyone who have some problems with drooling while looking at this...haha.

Storm Inside Me by tincek-marincek
Storm Inside Me

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6 years on dA

Wed Jan 28, 2015, 6:15 AM


Like WOW...who would say that it has been already 6 years since I came to dA. Lol...I was like 16 years old when I just came here...(oh I feel old now <_<). I had good and tough moments, but never stopped drawing. Thanks to everyone who have been visiting my art, commenting through all these years. LOL...sorry to everyone for my Engrish...hehe (like that it got any better now anyway <_<)...but who knows what I have been typing before...haha. Well...hopefully you'll still follow my work for more years to come. Thanks xD

A little hiatus

Aww...I'm just sorry cuz I didn't post my anatomy tutorial and things which I said that I will during past weeks. But my health got worse again, so I won't be much around dA or other sites. So sorry if I don't reply to your comments immediately. I'll try to post all things as soon as I can...aww, so I'll also have to wait with commissions a little bit. I just can't sit in front of the computer long <_<

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Random news xD

Sat Jan 10, 2015, 6:23 AM


LOL...I'll be a little random now, since I don't write journals that much lately. Need to make a feature or something <_< Aaaanyway. Sorry cuz I had to update my last work, but dA just went nuts yesterday when I uploaded pic. So yea... not sure if all of you got it then. And I'll try to post my second part of anatomy tutorial (male torso anatomy...for back) next week. Since I finished it a long time ago, haha. I have SO many drawings which I have to post.

And just so you know. If anyone remembers of my old Cloud Strife drawing... well, I'm repainting it xD it's so old and I can't look at it anymore T_T needs a makeover. So if you'll see Cloud in your inbox again, then this is gonna be the new version.

If you wanna check my random doodles and other things you can check them on my Twitter and Tumblr. Cuz MANY stuff I don't post on dA xD *pout* and I guess it'll take me ages to finish at least one pic of my OC Ash <_< Well, for now you'll have to be satisfied with him on my anatomy tutorials xD

And now please enjoy the rest of your day...randomness is the best,, I don't sleep too much lately, so excuse me xD Hahaha. *runs to paint commissions*

Commissions commissions are anyone who wonder that xD I'm still drawing the last two drawings, so hopefully you guys won't have to wait long to get your work.

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Commissions are open

Fri Dec 12, 2014, 10:38 AM


Wow...after so many years I'm finally opening personal commissions again. I'll open 5 spots and then I'll close commissions till I finish these works. I won't have waiting list anymore though. Prices and samples you can check here. For commercial commissions you'll have to wait, so I make a .pdf with prices. It has been chaotic these days and computer doesn't want to listen sometimes T_T Anyway... if you would like to order a commission, check this article, then write me a note with detail info about what you want that I draw for you. Sorry if I won't reply immediately, my inbox is gonna explode at the moment xD

Other stuff

And more info... I finished back anatomy tutorial...yay...finally T_T So you'll be able to see it soon. I still have to put my calendar in the, I'm so late. And there are still many works to come. So stay tuned.

Makkon event

And for everyone who is from Slovenia (or somewhere closer and wants to get on event, haha)... there's an japanese event called Makkon again. It's gonna be in Kino Šiška (Ljubljana) on 13 December (tomorrow). Event will start at 12am. I'm also gonna be see ya. More about the event you can check on their FB here. Below you can check poster drawing which I did for this event.

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40K watchers...thank you + tutorials?

Sat Nov 29, 2014, 4:04 AM


Woot...we got more than 40K watchers. Thank you so much for the support. Lol, I should write this a while ago when we actually hit that many watchers, haha xD I did that on Twitter and Tumblr...not here. Oups...anyway, I hope you'll like my upcoming works and tutorials (there are many to come).

Tutorials question

And now info about tutorials...first for the all support on recent anatomy tutorial. I'm glad that most of you found it helpful. The next one will be also for male torso anatomy, but for the back. I thought to do that in this tutorial already, but I ran out of space xD So get prepared for that one, haha. I got also great suggestions for female anatomy, face expressions,hands, ageing reference, different body which one should I do next xD

You can also suggest tutorials here or under the poll here.

Makkon event

And for everyone who is from Slovenia (or somewhere closer and wants to get on event, haha)... there's an japanese event called Makkon again. It's gonna be in Kino Šiška (Ljubljana) on 13 December. Event will start at 12am. I'm also gonna be see ya. More about the event you can check on their FB here. Below you can check poster drawing which I did for this event.

Fallen Angels by tincek-marincek
Fallen Angels

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Anatomy tutorial is posted

Fri Nov 21, 2014, 9:38 AM


Yay...and I finally posted a new tutorial. Sorry cuz it took me so long...I'm quite busy lately.'s for painting male torso anatomy. You can check it can also suggest what would you like to see in the next tutorial. Well, I hope this will help you ^^

HOW TO: Male Torso Anatomy by tincek-marincek
HOW TO: Male Torso Anatomy

Threads Artbook

Threads artbook reached its goal on Kickstarter and now we're trying to reach stretch goals...woot. You still have few hours to preorder the book and other goodies via Kickstarter. Check new updates and the campaign here. Thank you for your support. If you don't have money we would love if you could spread some word about the campaign. Thanks.

Threads artbook by tincek-marincek
Threads artbook

Threads artbook - White Swan preview by tincek-marincek
White Swan preview

Coding by SimplySilent


And Threads Artbook just got fully funded through Kickstarter. Thanks a lot to everyone for your support. We're super glad that we'll be able to make this project real and that all our efforts paid off at the end *cries*. If you still wish to pre-order the book you can still do that through Kickstarter campaign here. For the PayPal orders check article here. Thank you a ton again.

Threads artbook by tincek-marincek
Threads artbook

Threads artbook - White Swan preview by tincek-marincek
White Swan preview

Another Daily Deviation

Faint...when I woke up I went to see if the book got fully funded. And when I checked dA I saw suspiciously high amount of views...then I checked today's DDs and I saw my work among them...I was like jsdfiuqiojfasflkhdaf. Thank you sooooooo much Ginryuzaki for suggestion my work and to diphylla for featuring it. I hardly believe it's my 9th DD already. The work below got a DD...check also in the feature below works by Ginryuzaki and diphylla. Thank you again.

Dream Storm Sea by tincek-marincek
Dream Storm Sea

APH - Smile! by Ginryuzaki
Rainy Day (animated) by Ginryuzaki
Across the Rainbow (animated) by Ginryuzaki
One Piece: Film Z by Ginryuzaki
Skater Girl by Ginryuzaki
Wicked Games by diphylla
Contained by diphylla
How Peculiar by diphylla
One of You by diphylla
Night Bird by diphylla

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Threads artbook...10 days left

Wed Nov 12, 2014, 8:16 AM


Heeeello...some news about Threads got 60% funded on Kickstarter. And there are only 10 days left till the end of campaign. Sooo...anyone who is interested into pledging for the book and other goodies is welcome to do so. If you don't have money to pledge you can support us by spreading the can also reblog posts from Tumblr and Twitter. We thank to everyone for your help.More about the book and pledges you can check on Kickstarter here.

I'll also be doing sketches for the you can also pledge if you want to receive a digital sketch from me (see pic below) and other amazing artists who are part of this book. You can also pledge for the video progress of my painting White Swan (preview below). Below you can also see other preview...of my second illustration.

Threads artbook by tincek-marincek
Threads artbook

Threads artbook - White Swan preview by tincek-marincek
White Swan preview

Sketch by tincek-marincek
Sketch sample

Skull girl-preview by tincek-marincek
Skull girl preview

Coding by SimplySilent

I changed my avatar + feature

Sat Nov 1, 2014, 7:02 AM


Wazzup everyone. First of all...Happy Halloween!!! And now next news, I changed my avatar, haha. I guess it was already time, after 2 years. My old avatar was Tincek-marincek by tincek-marincek. The sad thing is that I still like Noctis, but I guess it's time to move on xD On the new pic is my original character Ash...I don't have him in my gallery yet, cuz I didn't finish any pic of him...but some of you probably saw him on my Twitter on Tumblr, cuz I keep spamming you with WIPs there, haha. Hopefully you'll still recognize that this is me...or you were like "who the hell is this now?!" haha. Well...I hope you like it.

More news...I don't know why I have so many news suddenly, haha. I want to inform you that I finally make a new tutorial, yay. It's for painting male torso (anatomy), so soon you'll be able to see it in my gallery. It's actually almost finished. Just a little bit of text and it'll be done. So stay tuned for that. And here's small feature with some awesome works.

run boy run by Djetho
run boy run

Autumn Leaves by feimo
Autumn Leaves

Untitled Project by Grafik
Untitled Project

Asian Fusion by K-Koji
Asian Fusion

Just Love by webang111
Just Love

Master room by gallant11101110
Master room

Frankenstein reg by zinnaDu
Frankenstein reg

gangroad by KilartDev

Stygius, The Dreaded Demon Dragon by damie-m
Stygius, The Dreaded Demon Dragon

Maggie Darwin LVL 4 by WarrenLouw
Maggie Darwin LVL 4

Legend of the cryptids by LASAHIDO
Legend of the cryptids

old city N.7 by O-FON
old city N.7

Threads Artbook on Kickstarter and AC Unity T-shirts

I have been drawing for the Threads fashion artbook. Preview of my first illustration you can see below. There are many amazing artists in this book...(you can check them on my preview image). In the book you'll also find tutorials from each artists. I also recorded progress from my drawing below, so the video is also available as a pledge on Kickstarter. More about the book you can check on the Kickstarter here. Thank you very much for your support.

And now you can get my both Arno illustrations (see images below) as a t-shirt. Ignite Revolution t-shirt you can get here and Arno Dorian t-shirt you can get here.

Ignite Revolution by tincek-marincek
Ignite Revolution

Arno Dorian by tincek-marincek
Arno Dorian

Threads artbook - White Swan preview by tincek-marincek
White Swan preview

Coding by SimplySilent