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Jarrett Rowe by tincek-marincek Jarrett Rowe by tincek-marincek
My OC design... after few months I decided to do one again. This is actually done in mixed medium. Character I firstly drew traditionally into Moleskine sketchbook with markers and pencils, then I painted the background and some details on the character in Photoshop. I'm obsessed with Sci-fi themes for a while, but none of my paintings is still not finished :shifty: So, I managed to do at least this one. And this is also matte painting...again, haha :D And sorry cuz I didn't count time which I spent on drawing...I rarely count when I draw traditionally...and I didn't count when I drew it digitally. But I drew it 2 days (digitally) :dummy: And I guess I can put this as my ID cuz people keep telling me that he looks like me, lol :lol: 

Something about him: His name is Jarrett Rowe and most of the time he makes mess in the town. Because of his "crimes" he's popular in the Police station. His right leg (below the knee) is mechanical. He lost it while he was still young in one battle. He also have magical powers and he wears dark glasses and hood while he's outside, so that people don't recognize him.

:bulletyellow: Moleskine sketchbook (A4)
:bulletyellow: mechanical pencil 0.5mm (2B)
:bulletyellow: mechanical pencil 0.3mm (HB)
:bulletyellow: black pen 0.5mm
:bulletyellow: eraser
:bulletyellow: Promarker (by Letraset... Cool Grey 4, Ice Grey 3, Black)
:bulletyellow: Tria markers (by Letraset... NG09, IG07)

:bulletred: Adobe Photoshop CS6
:bulletred: tablet Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch Special Edition M 
:bulletred: original size is 3669 x 6115 px
:bulletred: I had 100 layers
:bulletred: Textures in background from 3dtotal and CG Textures

:bulletred: On Tumblr you can check it here :la:

I hope you like it and comments are welcome :heart:

Drawing by Valentina Remenar | Copyrighted | 2014 | our official website | YouTube | Twitter | Google+ | Tumblr | Behance
A DD...:omg: For this piece...I never expected that. Thank you so much psoty for suggesting it and Shue13 for featuring it *huggies for you both* :tighthug:
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Daily Deviation

Given 2014-05-16
Excellent character design and style!!
Jarrett Rowe by tincek-marincek ( Suggested by psoty and Featured by Shue13 )
IdeateDomination Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Hi. I'm a writer and I just have loads and loads and LOADS of ideas inside my head. Due to my unfortunate lack of talent at art, my ideas tend to stay inside my head. It's quite a downer. 

Please imagine a sphere of water floating in the sky. This sphere is as big as a house and it is the home of a mermaid. Now expand that vision to a bunch of spheres floating in the sky connected by tubes of water that is basically roads for the inhabitants. A bit beyond the dwellings of the mass population, is a huge sphere of water that is the school for mermaids and much more. These floating spheres of water is a city that soars high in the sky. I guess mermaids are not so underwater (lol). Once a year, this floating city floats to a huge pillar of water (which looks SUPER cool in my head). This pillar allows the mermaids to travel down to the seas to explore and have fun once they become of age. This is one part of a world I'm creating and writing about (the world has weird gravity). 

The whole thing looks gorgeous in my head. Do you like the idea? Please reply, I would like to know what you think of it and if you guys would draw about it. Thanks!
dariushWEW Featured By Owner 5 days ago
real outlaw =D
tincek-marincek Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student General Artist
Haha...yea :hug:
Nekrofeelia Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Truly amazing
tincek-marincek Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student General Artist
Thank you :love:
Nekrofeelia Featured By Owner 5 days ago
You deserve the praise for this masterpiece and all of your artworks. I aspire to become an artist of your level one day, although now I am utterly hopeless. I have only just started being passionate about drawing and art so I have a long way to go but one day, after years of practice I believe I'll be able to draw like you and many other professional artists out there. Your work and the work of many others inspire me to become better and I think I've gone completely off topic but anyways, great piece.
tincek-marincek Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student General Artist
Aww...:iconsupertighthugplz: I started to draw digitally in 2007...since 2009 I draw more often. And now I draw the beginnings I experimented a lot till I found technique which suited me perfectly and I always tried to find effects and other things which would make my drawing better and progress faster. But yea...many years passed :D
Nekrofeelia Featured By Owner 4 days ago
And I wish you many more successful years to come :)
tincek-marincek Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student General Artist
ricochet188 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
please, no more rgb shift
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